Question: What is private training and what is included?


a. Location of your choice- home, office, park or HOA /apartment gym or a mix of these.

b. All single sessions include a pre-exercise health screening; movement assessment; warm-up; resistance (exercise modifications if needed) workout and flexibility/stretching.

c. All private training session packages include a pre-exercise health screening; movement assessment; warm-up/mobility; cardiorespiratory, resistance (exercise modifications also), and flexibility/stretching plans; nutritional education & coaching (*excludes medical nutrition therapy) and online/cloud-based access to training program outside of personal sessions.

Question: What areas do you service in your private training?

My on-site training covers: South Charlotte, NC, York, and Lancaster, SC areas.

Question: Do I need equipment to train with you?


With my private training, I bring all the equipment that we'll need to hit your goals! All you'll need for our sessions are proper workout clothes, appropriate footwear and a bottle of water or sport beverage. Online training is customized according to the equipment you have available- at home or with a gym membership. 


Question: How long are your private training sessions?

All private training session are 1- hour in duration.

Question: Do you offer a 10 week or 30 day program?


No, Bfit personal training is session- based; You can read about my client transformations on the homepage of my website.


Question: What other areas are you trained and certified in? Also are you insured?

Besides being certified as a personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine, I also hold a NASM- Performance Enhancement Specialist; Exercise is Medicine credential, Functional Movement Screen certification; CPR and AED certified. And yes, I also carry liability insurance.

Question: Do you work with adolescents?

Yes, I do train adolescents as long as the desire comes from them and isn't parent/guardian driven.


Question: I booked a private training session/package or purchased an online plan...now what?

Once you have booked or purchased a Bfit training plan, you will be contacted by email within 24 hrs with your training packet that will describe what your plan includes, as well as a few other forms that we’ll need before we start your training.


Question: What are your return policies?


On-site Training: You may receive a refund for your purchase if requested within 48 hours of your purchase date/time. 

(Please allow 7-10 business days for your refund)