Add these 5 exercises to your workout!

Trends come and go, but some things stand the test of time and NEED to stay in our training programs whether they're popular or not. These powerhouse exercises build strength and add crazy value in our progress toward creating a sexy ass body! [*these are not in order of importance]

1. Straight-arm Dumbbell Pullover

Categorized as a "chest exercise"...don't let this fool you. As you move your arms through this range of motion you're hitting your chest (pectoralis major), your back/lats (latissimus dorsi), the long head of your triceps, as well as some stabilizing muscles. If you're trying to get the most bang for your buck, this is a must exercise!

2. Hip Thrust

What's the best way to grow that peach? Hip thrust, baby! Brad Schoenfeld stated that "gluteus maximus activity is diminished during combined hip and knee extension." In other words, compared with the squat or glute machine (they both include combined knee & hip extension) the hip thrust is king in activating your booty!

Not only that, it's also going to engage those hamstrings and build strength that will carry over to other important exercises- think deadlifts and squats! Finally, remember hip thrusts aren't a female exercise...Guys, you should be doing these too (women want men with a nice ass; am I right, ladies?)

3. Dumbbell Hex Press

Sadly, I rarely if ever see this move in the gym anymore; it's time to bring this powerhouse exercise back! This hard hitting tool to smash your chest and triceps, while keeping your shoulders safe needs to be adding to your training log. You can substitute your barbell bench press with this or use it at the end of your workout as a great chest finisher. You'll thank me later.

4. Turkish Get-Up

If I had to pick just one exercise for the rest of my existence on this planet, it would be the Turkish Get-up. Part core, part balance, part legs, part shoulders...the list goes on. This move will show you what kind of human you really are. Muscle imbalances, weaknesses, lack of flexibility, mobility, and stabilization will show up at your doorstep like a pair of Mormons at 8am on sunny Saturday. Is is tough? Yes. Will it challenge you? Hell yes. Will it build strength? You bet your ass it will. That's why this full-body move needs to make a comeback into your workouts.

5. Farmer's Walk

Want to build muscle, strength and burn fat like there's no tomorrow? Then grab a pair of dumbbells, kettlebells, or weight plates and start walking! This move is simple, but soooo effective. It targets both upper and lower body, helps build grip strength, challenges your posture and core, and will have your heart rate soaring! A few trips doing farmer's walks (or called farmer's carries) and your whole body will be screaming.

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