Fire your trainer/coach?

Updated: Mar 21

What does TRUE personal training look like? What's the difference between a good vs an exceptional trainer/coach?

1.) Your trainer should be fluid in his/her approach. A good coach adapts to your goals, your likes vs dislikes, your training history or no history, finds what fuels, excites or bores you...they build around YOU. They don't try to clone you into a mini version themselves.

2.) An exceptional trainer does more than just help you with your body composition...he/she takes a holistic approach to your training. He or she is part counselor, part nutrition coach, they look at all your health markers, make sure you move WELL and move OFTEN; they help you tackle barriers to health and fitness that got you stuck and continue to trip you up. They don't just look at the "trees" they look at the "forest."

3.) Your trainer should educate you all along the way. They care about your body & your MIND. They help you understand the WHY behind WHAT they do. They know engaging your mind helps to inspire you to partner with them in where they're taking you. They so know you won't be with them forever, so they set you up to take off even after you leave their care.

Remember: Just because they're certified, doesn't mean they're qualified. If they aren't qualified maybe its time to find another trainer...

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